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          一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

          0. Jenny is only three years old. She is too young______alone at home.

          A.to leaveB.to be leavingC.to be leftD.to have been left

          1. Mother has never been to Tibet but that"s the only city______.

          A.where she most likes to visitB.that she most likes to visitC.which she likes to visit mostD.what she likes to visit most

          2. It"s so long since I last: saw her that I couldn"t______her.


          3. By the end of 2002 we______more than 5 000 teachers of English all over the province.

          A.trainedB.had trainedC.would have trainedD.have trained

          4. — There must be someone at the door.— Who could______be? It is already midnight.


          5. He talked as if he______there before.

          A.used to beB.wasC.had beenD.had gone

          6. I______them to go by train, but they went by bus after all.


          7. ______knows the fact should report it to the manager.

          A.WhoeverB.No matter whoC.SomeoneD.Anyone

          8. I tried to catch the ball but it was______my reach.


          9. Let me______your telephone number before I forget it.

          A.put upB.put downC.put offD.put on

          10. No sooner had the thief disappeared into a side street______.

          A.than the police arrivedB.as the police arrivedC.then the police arrivedD.when the police arrived

          11. ______, we missed our train the day when we were back to Paris.

          A.With the bus lateB.The bus to be lateC.The bus being lateD.The bus was late

          12. After a whole-night discussion, they have finally______the conclusion that they should be united as one and fight against the local authorities.


          13. ______from the top of the TV tower, you will find the city far more beautiful at night.

          A.To seeB.SeenC.SeeingD.See

          14. But for his kind help, I______this experiment so quickly.

          A.shouldn"t be finishingB.couldn"t finishedC.hadn"t finishedD.wouldn"t have finished

          二、2.Reading Comprehension

          1. From the first paragraph we know that when people looked at the moon they______.

          A.wished to travel to itB.enjoyed its beauty very muchC.wanted to know more about itD.developed many theories about it

          2. Astronauts are people who______.

          A.collect rock samplesB.are sent to work in spaceC.are interested in the moonD.study the structure of the moon

          3. We can infer from the second paragraph that______.

          A.answers to the origin of the moon have been found out at lastB.scientists are eager to send more astronauts to spaceC.technology helped scientists understand the universe more and betterD.astronauts could not return to the earth without the help of scientists

          4. It is believed by most scientists that______.

          A.the moon was hit by an object as large as MarsB.the moon formed from pieces of rock from MarsC.the pieces from Mars came together to form. the earthD.the moon is made up of materials similar to those of the earth

          5. The "impact theory" sounds reasonable because_____ .

          A.scientists have found what happened billions of years agoB.it is based on the newly gathered information about MarsC.it can answer many questions raised about the moon and the earthD.astronauts believe that the moon and the earth are of the same age

          7. The author accepted the job because______.

          A.she wanted to make some money to go to collegeB.she couldn"t find anything better to doC.selling books was one of the most satisfying jobsD.helping people made her feel proud

          8. The author felt very proud______.

          A.because she could help do something for the bookstoreB.when she sold all the books in stock to othersC.because she could order books for the womanD.when she did her best to help the woman

          9. The word "apprehensive" in the third paragraph probably means______.


          10. The author______because she wanted very much to help the boy.

          A.broadcast the storyB.wrote a letter to the boyC.reported the story to the publicD.wrote to a doctor and a nurse for help

          11. ______, the author felt that she was working for those who she served.

          A.Since she worked in the bookstore after schoolB.When she could help people make sense of the worldC.If she sensed she was working for the customersD.Though she worked for certain companies and got paid by them

          13. According to the first paragraph the highest allowed speed of a car is to be determined by______.

          A.the acceleratorB.GPSC.a digital mapD.the driver

          14. One of the measures to keep a car within the speed limit is______.

          A.to add less fuel to the engineB.to limit the use of acceleratorC.to push down the accelerator pedalD.to remove the pedal from accelerator

          15. One of the major reasons for having ISA fixed in a car is to______.

          A.replace policemen with a new deviceB.warn drivers of possible accidentsC.have traffic accidents greatly reducedD.introduce fuel-efficient equipment

          16. According to the passage, ISA systems______.

          A.are still in their testing periodB.remain a theory to be testedC.have found wide applications in the auto industryD.have been a popular invention among motor makers

          17. The author compares ISA with seatbelts to show that______.

          A.both could reduce the death rate in traffic accidentsB.fitting ISA in a car is justifiedC.both could make a car accident less seriousD.ISA would take time for people to accept

          19. Which of the following is true about Angelina Jolie?

          A.Angelina Jolie became a funeral director at the age of 26.B.Angelina Jolie was 26 years old when this article was written.C.Angelina Jolie started to learn acting when she was 26 years old.D.Angelina Jolie wanted to become a funeral director at the age of 26.

          20. An attic is______.

          A.a small roomB.a collection of booksC.a small suitcaseD.an amount of money

          21. Angelina Jolie wanted to be a funeral director probably because______.

          A.tradition was always appealing to herB.she paid particular attention to funeralsC.she was never rooted when she was youngD.she thought people could reach out to each other after their death

          22. Angelina Jolie finally chose acting because she thought______.

          A.her father could see her on the screenB.acting was interesting and attractive to herC.she could hardly communicate with her fatherD.her father could understand her better through films

          23. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

          A.Angelina Jolie was born in a family of acting.B.Angelina Jolie hoped to communicate with her father by watching films.C.Angelina Jolie once believed that the crossing over could be a time of comfort.D.Angelina Jolie thought people could know each other better by watching films.





















          四、4.Word Formation

          0. Instead of waiting for a______(favor) turn, the paper-making industry has begun seeking new ways for development.

          1. It is high time that we______(start) to do the experiment.

          2. If we make a______(compare) between these two cities, we"ll find they differ widely in the control of pollution.

          3. Don"t get your schedule______(change); stay with us in this class.

          4. This can be well used as a______(refer) for predicting the country"s future environment.

          5. When you tried to pay no attention to them, you saw the look of______(hopeless) in their eyes.

          6. The two men______(stand) over there heard every word we said.

          7. It is so lonely a place that I object strongly to______(stay) here alone.

          8. Air is a______(mix), whose components are of great use in the chemical industry.

          9. It was said that computers could crash because they were______(able) to make sense of "00" for the year 2000.


          0. This offer is subject to our final confirmation.

          1. It may do little for the cold but it certainly cheers me up.

          2. His failure to observe the safety regulations resulted in an accident to the machinery.

          3. Knowing some of the common faults a writer can fall into while arguing is a way of avoiding them.

          4. If you decide to buy, you must place a firm order within the stated time limit.


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