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          一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

          Part I Vocabulary and StructureDirections: Each of the following sentences is provided with four choices. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then, mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

          0. The reason for his failure is ______ he didn"t work hard.


          1. Don"t let yourself get into bad ______.


          2. Areas where students have particular difficulty have been treated ______ particular care.


          3. They are going to have the serviceman ______ an electric fan in the office tomorrow.

          A.installB.to installC.to be installedD.installed

          4. Only under special circumstances ______ to take make-up tests,

          A.are freshmen permittedB.freshmen are permittedC.permitted are freshmenD.are permitted freshmen

          5. ______ I saw him ! knew what he had said was correct.

          A.After a momentB.In a momentC.The momentD.For a moment

          6. I"m sure he is up to the job ______ he would give his mind to it.

          A.if onlyB.in caseC.untilD.unless

          7. ______ I admire David as a poet, I do not like him as a man.

          A.Much asB.Only ifC.If onlyD.As much

          8. When ______ our sports meet is still a question.

          A.shall we haveB.do we haveC.did we haveD.we shall have

          9. The house ______ will be our new laboratory.

          A.buildingB.being builtC.to buildD.having built

          10. By the end of this month we surely ______a satisfactory solution to the problem.

          A.have foundB.will have foundC.will be bindingD.are binding

          11. Those students don"t have to be made ______. They are all diligent students.

          A.learnB.learnedC.learningD.to learn

          12. Please accept our ______ for any inconvenience we have caused.


          13. She wasn"t feeling very well; otherwise, she ______the meeting so early.

          A.wouldn"t leaveB.wouldn"t have leftC.didn"t leaveD.hadn"t left

          14. They lost their way in the forest, and ______ made matters worse Was night began to fall.


          15. We were heartedly arguing about the financial matter, ______the telephone rang unexpectedly.

          A.whileB.asC.whenD.as soon as

          16. The expression on her face ______ me that she was lying.


          17. You have to put on a new suit and make yourself look ______.


          18. As a______for his contribution, he got a new car from the company.


          19. He is widely ______ as one of the best leaders of the country.


          20. With regarding to this model of color TV sets, the home-made ones are by no means ______ those made in Japan.

          A.less inferior toB.less inferior thanC.inferior thanD.inferior to

          21. ______ from the hilltop, the lake scenery is beyond description.

          A.To seeB.SeeingC.Having seenD.Seen

          22. This book ______ me twenty dollars.

          A.is costB.was costC.costD.have been cost

          23. ______ for your laziness, you could have finished the assignment by now.

          A.Had it not beenB.Weren"t itC.It were notD.Had not it been

          24. Busy ______ he is, he can fulfill the task ahead of schedule.

          A.becauseB.asC.no matter howD.although

          25. Yesterday, the director ______ of me about our work.


          26. The story I’m telling was ______ to the wedding.


          27. It was from the earliest time ______ men began to study the natural phenomena and heavenly bodies.


          28. John and his brother are so ______ that they could almost be twins.

          A.likelyB.alikeC.sameD.the same

          29. The man confessed that he ______ a murder.


          二、2.Reading Comprehension

          Part III Reading ComprehensionDirections: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by a number of comprehension questions. Read the passages and choose the best answer to each question. Then, mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          0. The figure of world illiteracy was obtained by ______.

          A.a committee of UNESCOB.experts in ParisC.an international organizationD.none of the above

          1. From the Passage, we learn that the total population of Africa is approximately ______.

          A.seven hundred millionB.one hundred and twenty-five millionC.eight or eight point five thousand millionD.one hundred million

          2. The figure of illiteracy in Britain comprises ______.

          A.zero point one percent of that of illiteracy in the worldB.zero point two percent of the world"s adult populationC.thirty-five percent of Europe"s populationD.three point five percent of that of the illiteracy in Southern Europe

          3. The writer implies-that this world plan is to be ______.

          A.carried out in the major areas of illiteracy like AfricaB.realized in ten yearsC.made by experts in ParisD.discussed at an international conference

          4. Of all the continents in the world, ______ seems to have the smallest number of illiterates.

          A.AsiaB.AfricaC.South AmericaD.Europe

          5. This passage is mainly about how to ______

          A.use the passages in a reading courseB.develop reading comprehensionC.improve reading speedD.make a good use of the library

          6. The expression "books of about your level of ability..." in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to ______

          A.the books about your abilityB.the books about your heightC.the books that you could findD.the books that you can understand

          7. According to this passage, if you could not understand a passage, you ______

          A.may not sit in the libraryB.probably don"t know its backgroundC.may not have practiced on reading itD.probably think it is too easy for you to read

          8. If a book has seven or more new words on each page, a reader who wants to practice reading speed ______ .

          A.will probably drop itB.will probably read it very fastC.may study it very carefullyD.may read it with a dictionary

          9. Which of the following is NOT mentioned for fast reading purpose?

          A.Books about tennis playing.B.Books about ruining family.C.Books about language testing.D.Books about personal life history.

          10. In the Middle Ages, students ______.

          A.took objective testsB.specialized in one subjectC.sat in a room full of candidatesD.never wrote in exams

          11. Paragraph 3 mainly tells us that ______ .

          A.workers now take examinationsB.the population has grownC.there are only written examinations todayD.examinations are usually written and timed now

          12. The kind of examinations in which students must select answers is ______


          13. According to the passage, modern industry must have developed ______ .

          A.before the Middle AgesB.about in the nineteenth centuryC.in Greece or RomeD.machines to take tests

          14. It may be concluded that testing ______.

          A.should deal with only opinionsB.should always be writtenC.has changed since the Middle AgesD.is given only in factories

          15. If a person finds getting up early a problem, most probably ______

          A.he is a lazy personB.he refuses to follow his own energy cycleC.he is not sure when his energy is lowD.he is at his peak in the afternoon or evening

          16. Which of the following may lead to family quarrels according to the passage?

          A.Unawareness of energy cycles.B.Familiar monologues.C.A change in a family member"s energy cycle.D.Attempts to control the energy cycle of other family members.

          17. If one wants to work more efficiently at his low point in the morning, he should ______

          A.change his energy cycleB.overcome his lazinessC.get up earlier than usualD.go to bed earlier

          18. You are advised to rise with a yawn and stretch because it will ______

          A.help to keep your energy for the day"s workB.help you to control your temper early in the dayC.enable you to concentrate on your routine workD.keep your energy cycle under control all day

          19. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

          A.Getting off to work with a minimum effort helps save one"s energy.B.Dr. Kleitman explains why people reach their peaks at different hours of day.C.Habit helps one adapt to his own energy cycle.D.Children have energy cycles, too.


          Part IV ClozeDirections: There are some blanks in the following passages. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the one that best fits into the passages. Then, mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          0. 【B1】


          1. 【B2】


          2. 【B3】


          3. 【B4】


          4. 【B5】


          5. 【B6】


          6. 【B7】


          7. 【B8】


          8. 【B9】

          A.in whichB.on whichC.to whichD.for which

          9. 【B10】

          A.to giveB.givingC.to be givingD.have given

          四、4.Translation from Chinese to English

          Part V Translation from Chinese to EnglishDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate Chinese into English.

          0. (不管你轉向哪個方向), you can see a lot of new tall buildings in Shanghai.

          1. He took a long drink from the bottle and then (繼續講述) about his life in that mountainous village.

          2. Isaac will not invite his parents to his wedding, (也不想請他的親朋好友).

          3. (若不是意想不到的麻煩),we could have fulfilled our task ahead of time.

          4. Whenever I have an appointment, (我總喜歡提前赴約).

          五、5.Translation from English to Chinese

          Part VI Translation from English to ChineseDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese.

          0. Collecting as a serious hobby is quite different and has many advantages, (providing relaxation for leisure hours).

          1. (City born and city bred), I have always regarded the country as something you look at through a train window, or something you occasionally visit during the weekend.

          2. (From now on), he will wear a suit all day and others will call him "Mr. Bloggs," not "Alf".

          3. When going through the customs, (even really honest people are often made to feel guilty).

          4. In time, (it became an accepted fact) that the Cox brothers employed a conscientious ghost that did most of their work for them.


          Part VII Writing

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