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          一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

          0. — Everybody is going to climb the mountain. Can I go too , Mom ? —______Wait till you are old enough,dear.

          A.Will youB.Why not?C.I hope so.D.I"m afraid not.

          1. If you are caught______, you"ll be expelled from school.

          A.to cheatB.cheatingC.to have cheatedD.having cheated

          2. All of them were so excited at the news______they would go to Yunnan for the holidays ______they jumped with joy.

          A.that... thatB.what... and thenC.what... thatD.which ... so

          3. As a writer, Walter was very______.


          4. It took them years to______a dictionary.


          5. His strange behavior. aroused the______of the police.


          6. The thief was caught and all the stolen jewels have been tracked______.


          7. The novel The Da Vinci Code______a great success and was translated into 44 languages in 2004.


          8. This missile is designed so that once______nothing can be done to retrieve it.

          A.firedB.being firedC.they firedD.having fired

          9. Millions of dollars in the city bank is said______during the blackout yesterday evening.

          A.to be stolenB.to have been stolenC.that has been stolenD.to have stolen

          10. I wish Bill would drive us to the train station but he has______to take us all.

          A.too small a carB.very small a carC.a too small carD.such a small car

          11. By the time you arrive in London, we______in Europe for two weeks.

          A.shall stayB.have stayedC.will have stayedD.have been staying

          12. I"d rather you______him about it that day.

          A.didn"t tellB.hadn"t toldC.not to have toldD.not telling

          13. His mother always keeps a candle in the house______there is a power cut.

          A.in caseB.in the caseC.in the eventD.in event of

          14. Only when______in 1918,______happily back to work.

          A.the war was over ... he wentB.was the war over ... did he goC.the war was over ... did he goD.was the war over ... he went

          二、2.Reading Comprehension

          1. Lunch is available in Peking House______.

          A.every dayB.every other dayC.all weekendsD.all weekdays

          2. What is encouraged in Peking House?

          A.Wine.B.Home delivery.C.Drive-in.D.Chefs speciality.

          3. All food is______.

          A.delivered to Peking House from a modern central kitchenB.cooked by experienced cooks from ChinaC.prepared in Peking House"s well-equipped kitchenD.served in Peking House"s unique and modern kitchen

          5. From the passage we know that caterpillars______.

          A.like willow treesB.enjoy eating fallen leavesC.talk to caterpillarsD.send a special vapor

          6. Caterpillars will stop eating willow tree leaves which______.

          A.have a chemical change and become tastelessB.have a pleasant tasteC.are being attackedD.are communicating

          7. According to the passage, bees communicate with each other by______.

          A.talkingB.making unusual soundsC.singing songsD.flying in certain patterns

          9. The woman paid the toll for the six drivers behind her______.

          A.in return for their kindness to her beforeB.just because she wanted to do something for othersC.mainly because her friends asked her to do soD.for it was a rule set by the toll booth

          10. Judging from the context, "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty." (line 2, para. 2) means______.

          A.do some unplanned good deedsB.appreciate kind acts and anything beautifulC.offer your kindness to some people in particularD.be aware of others" kind-heartedness

          11. The author"s daughter got the message about practicing kindness and acts of beauty from______.

          A.the authorB.her friendC.her teacherD.her classmate

          12. The author believes that______.

          A.kind messages always spread fastB.a wonder can be created by great kindnessC.acts of kindness can help people get rid of hatredD.one kind act will soon lead to many other kind acts

          13. According to the author, kindness is similar to a revolution in that______.

          A.practicing random kindness requires a change in people"s thinkingB.a kind act can gradually lead to a great change in societyC.it takes a lot of efforts to spread the idea of kindnessD.kindness begins rapidly and causes a radical change in society

          15. Why is the dark part of the moon not completely black?

          A.The earth throws back sunlight on to the moon.B.The sun shines on the moon"s surface.C.The moon throws back the light from the sun.D.The moon has light of its own.

          16. How often do we see the moon as its brightest?

          A.Once every week.B.Once every year.C.Once every 29.5 days.D.Once every 27 days.

          17. What is meant by seeing the old moon in the new moon"s arms?

          A.We can see the dark parts of the moon, though not clearly.B.The new moon is at its brightest.C.The dark parts of the moon are bright enough for us to see.D.Part of the moon"s surface is lighted by the sun.

          18. Which one of the following statements is true?

          A.The moon which appears round at its brightest is called full moon.B.The moon"s diameter is exactly one fourth of that of the earth.C.The light by which we see the old moon comes from the sun.D.The part of the moon which is not lighted by the sun is completely dark.

          20. What are the major differences between high school and college classes?

          A.At school, there is more work, responsibilities and freedom.B.At school, there is more decisions to make.C.At college, there is more work, responsibilities and freedom.D.At college, there is more push.

          21. According to the passage, your college instructors are

          A.the same as your school ones.B.different from your school ones.C.better than your school ones.D.worse than your school ones.

          22. What is the book mentioned in the passage mainly about?

          A.Suggestions and techniques to help one better organize his time, study habits and resources.B.Plan or technique that could be labeled as the best and be guaranteed to fit each individualC.Efficient use of time will enable you to include both work and play.D.Activities as if going to school is a business.

          23. Why are readers advised to choose one of the plans and techniques?

          A.Because you can choose what you like.B.Because learning is a very personal matter.C.Because learning is a collective activity.D.Because you can master it more quickly on your own choice.

          24. Success will not just happen, it depends on______.

          A.your abilities.B.your skill mastery.C.your management of your time.D.all of the above.





















          四、4.Word Formation

          0. I wrote him a letter to show my______(appreciate) of his thoughtfulness.

          1. The first tomb was built at the______(begin) of the 15th century.

          2. Painting is a______(create) process.

          3. For our homework tonight, we have to write a______(describe) of the street where we live.

          4. The______(discover) of gold on their land made the people rapidly rich.

          5. I"d just like to______(emphasis) how important it is for people to learn foreign languages.

          6. My grandfather is as______(energy) as a young man and hates sitting around doing nothing at all.

          7. The first lesson was very______(enjoy) — I liked it a lot!

          8. These discoveries proved the______(exist) of a human species who lived in the area between 700 000 and 200 000 years ago.

          9. A smile is the universal______(face) expression — it is intended to put people at ease.


          0. In case they arrive before I come back, please ask them to wait for a few minutes.

          1. It is vital that scientists should perceive the danger now before it is too late.

          2. They have made an ambitious plan so as to buy a larger company.

          3. A good citizen should be a good parent, child, wife and husband.

          4. After working in the company for three months, he had the luck to be promoted deputy director.


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