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          一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

          Part I Vocabulary and StructureDirections: Each of the following sentences is provided with four choices. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then, mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

          0. All these reference books are ______ to me by my supervisor.


          1. "Have you made the hotel reservation?" "Not yet, but I ______."

          A.ought to haveB.need haveC.had to haveD.would have

          2. Rarely ______ their facilities to the full while many disabled people manage to make the best use of their senses.

          A.able people useB.able people do useC.do able people useD.do use able people

          3. There will be more than 900 graduates from this university this year, ______ only one third could work in the state-run industry.

          A.from whomB.in themC.of whomD.by which

          4. Oh, Cindy, how nice to see you again! ______ you so much.

          A.I missB.I"m missingC.I missedD.I have missed

          5. Without water ______ living things could survive.

          A.noB.anything butC.no oneD.nothing but

          6. The procedure ______ is written step by step in the manual.

          A.followsB.to followC.followingD.have followed

          7. I have told him several times that these young pines ______ watering twice a week.


          8. With more members signing up, our recreation club needs more ______.

          A.sporting equipmentB.sports equipmentC.sports equipmentsD.sport equipments

          9. It"s time that we ______ proper measures to protect the environment.

          A.takeB.are takingC.tookD.have taken

          10. We learned from the show that some insects could be used as medicine, ______ ants and bees.

          A.in case ofB.such asC.just likeD.as an example

          11. When you are making a speech, always remember to keep it short and ______.

          A.to the pointB.in a senseC.by all meansD.in other words

          12. The belief ______ no one is infallible is well founded.


          13. You may keep the dictionary as long as you like, ______ you keep it clean.

          A.so long asB.so far asC.as well asD.as soon as

          14. Even ______ exhausted, the young actor continued to perform. energetically.


          15. The sun ______ , the campers began to prepare for the evening gathering.

          A.to be setB.being setC.settingD.has set

          16. Don"t worry. She will grow ______ her childish behaviour.

          A.up toB.intoC.out ofD.beyond

          17. Was that a proper topic ______ on such a formal occasion?

          A.to talk aboutB.having talked aboutC.talked aboutD.being talked about

          18. While playing chess, the two players usually sit ______ each other.


          19. These animals are more ______ green colour; they always make for the tag with various shades of green.

          A.sensitive toB.anxious forC.keen onD.displeased with

          20. The earth revolves a little more rapidly ______ it is closer to the sun.


          21. The number of members in the club ______ to two hundred.

          A.were limitedB.limitsC.was limitedD.limited

          22. On close examination, we found the signature not ______.


          23. As a highly ______ young designer, she has a promising future in her field.


          24. Let me give you a ______ of how the computer works.


          25. An author must not be too ______ to criticism.


          26. Fu Lei is known for his ______ of music and knowledge on philosophy.


          27. The judge dismissed the case because there was not ______ evidence.


          28. Much to my surprise, they went away without telling us their ______ address.


          29. Instead of going into details about his project, he spoke ______.

          A.in shortB.in generalC.in particularD.in common


          Part II VocabularyDirections: Complete each of the following sentences with the proper word derived from the one given in the bracket.

          0. Max has no ______ (appreciate) of the finer things in life.

          1. Children have a natural ______ (curious) about the world around them.

          2. These studies give ______ (leading) results because they haven"t looked at enough cases.

          3. Many people call the age we live in the age of ______ (technique).

          4. At ______ (night) you hear the clock strike twelve.

          5. The chief engineer in charge of the research project said it was too early as yet to ______ (summary) any results.

          三、3.Reading Comprehension

          Part III Reading ComprehensionDirections: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by a number of comprehension questions. Read the passages and choose the best answer to each question. Then, mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          0. When the Zodiac killed, he got ______.

          A.scared he would kill againB.worried the police would arrest himC.to feeling very sadD.a great thrill

          1. Paul Stine was a ______.

          A.private investigatorB.San Francisco taxi driverC.prime suspectD.newspaper reporter

          2. Kelly Carroll may solve the murders with the use of ______.

          A.new technologyB.old evidenceC.eye witnessesD.forced confessions

          3. During an autopsy, ______ was taken from Arthur Allen.

          A.DNAB.bloodC.brain tissueD.strands of hair

          4. The 33-year-old case has had more than ______.

          A.250 suspects and tipsB.2,050 tipsC.2,500 tips and suspectsD.25,000 calls and letters

          5. Choose the correct statement.

          A.The Range Rover had front-wheel drive.B.The group left for the hunting trip at 2:15 P.M.C.After resting, they fixed their tent.D.The rabbit tricked the falcon.

          6. Which happened last?

          A.On their way back to camp, Saeed"s cousin saw a rabbit.B.They ate delicious food and drank Arabic coffee.C.Saeed took off the falcon"s head cover.D.The group sat around the fire talking.

          7. Which is NOT true about the Bedouin man?

          A.He was riding a camel.B.He took Saeed to his house.C.He took Saeed to get help.D.He allowed Saeed to rest.

          8. What lesson did Saeed learn from his experience?

          A.Hunting is dangerous and he will not hunt again.B.When hunting, Saeed will use a different type of car.C.When hunting in the desert, people should go in groups with two or more cars.D.Bedouins are not helpful to strangers in the desert.

          9. What is the main idea of the story?

          A.You must train a falcon well to hunt in the desert.B.Saeed loved his family and loved to go hunting with them.C.Because their car got stuck in the sand, the hunters learned that the desert can be dangerous.D.Saeed was strong enough to walk 40 kin. in the desert.

          10. Holiday celebrations in the United States often ______.

          A.ignore the importance of familyB.are centered around the familyC.are centered around workD.are centered around animals

          11. National Adoption month is ______.


          12. The Webster"s are ______.

          A.Mary"s foster parentsB.Mary"s birth parentsC.Mary"s good friendsD.judges

          13. Mary"s birth mother ______.

          A.was too young to keep a babyB.had too many other childrenC.did not give up her claim to MaryD.had a drug addiction

          14. The judge ______.

          A.told the Websters they must give Mary hack to her birth motherB.told the Websters they could be foster parentsC.said that the adoption was finalD.told the Websters they must wait for a year

          15. Personal qualities are personal ______ of an individual.


          16. Personal qualities are what make up one"s ______.


          17. For example, ______ is a quality employers would like in a good worker.


          18. Flexibility, assertiveness, problem solving, and ______ are also valued.

          A.announcementsB.friendlinessC.dishonestyD.a bad attitude

          19. Though skills are important, an employer will select new employees based on their ______ as well.

          A.announcementsB.skillsC.personal qualitiesD.duties


          Part IV ClozeDirections: There are some blanks in the following passages. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the one that best fits into the passages. Then, mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          0. 【B1】


          1. 【B2】


          2. 【B3】


          3. 【B4】


          4. 【B5】


          5. 【B6】


          6. 【B7】


          7. 【B8】


          8. 【B9】


          9. 【B10】


          10. 【B11】


          11. 【B12】


          12. 【B13】


          13. 【B14】


          14. 【B15】


          15. 【B16】


          16. 【B17】


          17. 【B18】


          18. 【B19】


          19. 【B20】


          五、5.Translation from Chinese to English

          Part V Translation from Chinese to EnglishDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate Chinese into English.

          0. 就興趣與愛好而言,他們幾乎沒有相似之處。

          1. 熟能生巧,正如俗話所說。

          2. 只要照著告訴你的做,一切都不會有問題。

          3. 直到他去世后,他才被公認為一位天才作家。

          4. 這頓飯不像她承諾我們的那樣好。

          六、6.Translation from English to Chinese

          Part VI Translation from English to ChineseDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese.

          0. Personal interviewing is usually used when the information needed is too complex to be gathered by another technique,

          1. A child learning to talk does not learn by being corrected all the time.

          2. It has been often said by people involved in language teaching that a student who really wants to learn will succeed whatever the circumstances are under which he studies.

          3. The freedom to make such personal decisions is a fundamental aspect of our society, al though the wisdom of these decisions can be questioned.

          4. It may also have additional interest and value because of its relationship to a historical period or to some well-known person.


          Part VII Writing

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