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          一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

          0. — What"s the noise? It must be from upstairs.—______, It"s the window-cleaner working next door.

          A.I"m not sureB.I hope notC.I"d rather notD.I don"t think so

          1. Henry wasn"t paid because he was the______secretary of the association.


          2. The explorers______despite the food shortage and harsh weather.


          3. The contestants put on their national______in the Miss World Contest,.


          4. The restriction order on private possession of guns will cut______crime rate.


          5. A university town is a place where there is no clear separation______the university buildings and the rest of the city.


          6. The ceremony has already started. Look! The flag is______now.

          A.being raisedB.risenC.being risenD.raising

          7. ______the English examination, I would have gone to the concert last Sunday.

          A.In spite ofB.But forC.Because ofD.As for

          8. The Yangtze River is longer than______.

          A.any river in ChinaB.any other river in AfricaC.any rivers in ChinaD.any other river in China

          9. He was so unwilling to greet me yesterday. I______him some way or other.

          A.must have offendedB.had offendedC.might offendedD.should have offended

          10. She seemed______me in class. I didn"t notice her doing anything else, but she wasn"t!

          A.to have listened toB.to be listening toC.to have heardD.to listen to

          11. He insisted on______to the party.

          A.me to goingB.my goingC.me to goD.me go

          12. Paul"s parents wouldn"t agree to buy him the same bike ______his classmate had, ______made him very sad.

          A.which ... asB.as... thatC.as ... whichD.that... that

          13. ______finished his assignments, he had to stay in the reading-room all day long.

          A.Having notB.Being notC.Not havingD.Having not been

          14. Mary has been working for a whole day. I think it"s time______.

          A.she has a restB.she can haveC.she had a restD.she would have

          二、2.Reading Comprehension

          1. This advertisement aims at calling on people to______.

          A.attend full-time universitiesB.work part time to further their educationC.improve their education at home to get better jobsD.earn their degrees in different ways that suit them

          2. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in this advertisement?

          A.The way how you will get your degree.B.Tuition price.C.The hot fields you will be preparing yourself for.D.The length of time it will take you to get a degree.

          3. What does the writer of this ad intend to say by naming General Electric, IBM, Ford, etc.?

          A.To show that their training is widely used in the country.B.To show that the training program is fully supported by famous companies in the U. S.C.To prove the value of their training in every area.D.To show the importance of getting recognized by the most famous companies.

          4. It seems to the writer that the greatest attraction for people to take their training is______.

          A.its convenienceB.the degree"s nation-wide recognitionC.the economic benefit (利益) it will bring aboutD.the hot fields the training will help people to enter

          5. How many ways are there to get in touch with the Harcourt Learning Direct?


          7. The existence of the privately owned mass media depends financially on______.

          A.the governmentB.their owners" familiesC.advertisementsD.the audience

          8. According to the passage, who are most probably paying for the advertisements?

          A.Companies.B.Organizations.C.Individuals.D.All of the above.

          9. Which of the following is considered nontraditional mass media?

          A.Newspapers.B.The mail.C.MagazinesD.Films.

          10. According to the passage, which of the following statements about the features of advertisements is NOT true?

          A.Advertising must be honest and amusing.B.Advertising is meant for large groups of people.C.Advertising tells people to do something directly or indirectly.D.The sponsors are always mentioned in the advertisements.

          12. According to the passage, a large population will provide a chance for developing______.

          A.agricultureB.transport systemC.industryD.national economy

          13. In a developed country, people will perhaps go out of work if the birthrate______.

          A.goes upB.is decreasingC.remains stableD.is out of control

          14. According to the passage slowly rising birthrate perhaps is good for______.

          A.a developed nationB.a developing nationC.every nation with a big populationD.every nation with a small population

          15. It is no easy job to carry out a general plan for birth control throughout the world because

          A.there are too many underdeveloped countries in the worldB.underdeveloped countries have low level of industrial developmentC.different governments have different views about the problemD.even developed countries may have complex problems

          17. If you get into BDU, you can______.

          A.find out everything in ChinaB.get the most important business information in the worldC.get the information about the latest business activities taking place in ChinaD.get all the information in China Daily

          18. This ad. will be very helpful to______.

          A.foreign businesspeopleB.foreign travelersC.Chinese peopleD.China Daily reporters

          19. To get the information from BDU every day, you must______.

          A.understand ChineseB.know something about the mouseC.know how to operate a computerD.how to use a fax machine

          21. For Americans, what does the distant horizon symbolize?

          A.rootednessB.rootlessnessC.the futureD.the horizon

          22. When in danger, the majority of Chinese tend to______.

          A.leave their countryB.be tied to their landC.move to a safer placeD.rebuild their homeland

          23. According to the passage, what causes the Chinese desire for stability?

          A.a history full of threat of war and natural disastersB.the root industry of producing foodC.the promised land on the terrestrial horizonD.social stability and pessimism about future

          24. According to the passage, what does American rootlessness result from?

          A.the root industry of producing foodB.the promised land on the terrestrial horizonC.social stability and pessimism about futureD.social mobility and optimism about the future






          A.AsB.SinceC.As soon asD.As long as




          A.thatB.whomC.whyD.in which






          A.tryB.to tryC.tryingD.tried




          A.OtherB.AnotherC.OthersD.The other

          四、4.Word Formation

          0. It"s easy for a worker on the assembly line to be tired of______(perform) the same task again and again for 8 hours every day.

          1. ______(fortune), a friend of Mr. Jackson died from a traffic accident yesterday.

          2. Although jack works very hard, yet, his work is not to the boss"______(satisfy).

          3. Weather______(permit), the conference will be held as scheduled.

          4. It"s______(report) that the police are searching the forest for the suspect.

          5. Food______(short) is no longer a problem in the village as they people there have got a rich harvest this year.

          6. They have got everything brand new for the office as they have equipped the office with the ______(late) office machinery.

          7. You can see this cell phone______(advertisement) on local TV programs.

          8. This is the______(bad) experience that I have ever gone through.

          9. We like this person for his hard work and______(flexible).


          0. The principal reason for the proportion of television among United States advertisers is that it reaches a vast number of people at the same time.

          1. This is to certify that Mr. Tom Smith has been undertaking research work on computer science here as a visiting scholar in our department from October 2009 to October 2010.

          2. She has been longing to work as a lawyer, because the work is not only interesting, challenging, but also the salary is very attractive.

          3. It seems that the machine was not packed properly or tested before dispatch.

          4. I refer to your advertisement in last month"s issue of Computer World for a sales representative in Australia. I would like to apply for this position.


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