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          一、1.Vocabulary and Structure

          Part I Vocabulary and StructureDirections: Each of the following sentences is provided with four choices. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then, mark your answer on the Answer Sheet.

          0. These computer programs are a ______ to me.


          1. That farmer has a large ______ of sheep on his farm.


          2. I don"t think I have time to go to the concert, ______ you may have my ticket.


          3. A young student like him cannot have ______.

          A.experience of the worldB.the experience of the worldC.the experience of worldD.experience of world

          4. "Was the conference successful?" "No, because the number of ______ was smaller than we had expected."

          A.people attendingB.people to attendC.attended peopleD.people to the attending

          5. I usually go to the office by bicycle ______ it rains.

          A.as thoughB.except for.C.except whenD.only but

          6. Any student having a ______ interest in sports can apply for membership in the club.


          7. The output of consumer products has increased ______ this year.


          8. If she ______ on students for her business, she would have to close her shop.

          A.dependsB.should dependC.had dependedD.depended

          9. Most environmental problems exist because adequate measures for preventing them ______ taken in the past.

          A.was notB.were not beingC.were notD.was no to be

          10. The question ______ at the next meeting remains a secret.

          A.discussedB.to discussC.to be discussedD.being discussed

          11. His laziness ______ his failure in the final exam.

          A.gave upB.contributedC.resulted inD.distributed

          12. The teacher"s ______ to my statement about this poet led me to read widely about poems.


          13. On most of the nights, Jane ______ reading letters from her boyfriend.

          A.stayed offB.stayed onC.stayed outD.stayed up

          14. The first-year students were learning from the army in Miyun, a suburb of Beijing near ______ I lived.


          15. Lynd and hundreds of young people like him ______ the post of typist.

          A.approachedB.applied forC.appealed toD.approved of

          16. Anybody is entitled to such benefit ______ of age or sex.

          A.regardlessB.whetherC.in spiteD.in case

          17. In this building each apartment could ______ a family of six.


          18. I tried to get out of the business, ______ I found impossible.


          19. When he explained it again and again, the students" patience ______.

          A.ran overB.ran onC.ran outD.ran off

          20. She was our distinguished guest and was treated as ______.


          21. We were all struck ______ at the bad news he told us.


          22. It"s difficult to get a result entirely ______ with our wishes.


          23. Have you ever thought of ______ the Public Speech Contest?

          A.getting along withB.going in forC.coming up withD.making up for

          24. The phrase "white elephant" is used to describe something that the owner ______.

          A.loves to keepB.bought cheapC.wants to get rid ofD.wants to sell

          25. They have cooperated so well that they decide to ______ their agreement for another five years.


          26. He is widely ______ as one of our best young scientists.


          27. The ______ objective of this adult education project is to exploit the employees" potential to the full.


          28. Although this disease is incurable at present, they keep expecting ______.


          29. In this area open-mining has ______ the natural scenery.



          Part II VocabularyDirections: Complete each of the following sentences with the proper word derived from the one given in the bracket.

          0. The slightest ______ (care) in driving can result in a terrible accident.

          1. The first American ______ (perform) of this opera was in 1926 .

          2. Enid seems to take great ______ (pleasant) in teaching English as a second language.

          3. Can you figure out the ______ (imply) meaning of his statement?

          4. Economists ______ (cast) that annual increases in GDP will remain around 3 percent.

          5. He is the ______ (honor) chairman of the Writers Union.

          三、3.Reading Comprehension

          Part III Reading ComprehensionDirections: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by a number of comprehension questions. Read the passages and choose the best answer to each question. Then, mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          0. What are some of the problems that Chromium Ⅵ can cause?

          A.Cancer.B.Asthma.C.Tumors.D.All of the above.

          1. How much Chromium Ⅵ is a safe amount?

          A.No safe level.B.6 %.C.It is safe.D.No one knows.

          2. What happened to people who lived in Willits from 1964~19957

          A.They all got sick.B.They are at higher risk of cancer and asthma.C.They lost their jobs at the plant.D.Most of them moved away.

          3. One of the important issues in the story is ______.

          A.the dangers of emergency roomsB.doctors prescribing too many drugsC.the battle to balance public health and a healthy economyD.why scientists restricted asbestos

          4. Why does Dr. Sterngold think that the Remco chrome-plating plant was responsible for his asthma?

          A.They never supported the hospital.B.The plant is near the hospital.C.Many chemicals for industry are not tested.D.He coughed so hard that he broke his ribs.

          5. The residents were asked to leave because ______.

          A.the firefighters were unfairB.the fire was moving fast making it dangerousC.the firefighters were overly carefulD.it was easier for the firefighters

          6. The fire burned ______.

          A.200,000 acres in about 15 hoursB.about 1,333 acres in about 1 hourC.about 3,000 acres in 2 hoursD.70 miles in more than 15 hours

          7. The people who left their homes were ______.

          A.told about their housesB.entertainedC.sillyD.very worried about their houses

          8. When the fire was out, people who left their houses ______.

          A.were allowed to check their houses right awayB.were taken to see their housesC.had to wait until the firefighters were sure the fire was outD.helped by the Red Cross

          9. More than ______ firefighters came to fight the fire.


          10. Dame Edna is famous ______.

          A.throughout the worldB.only in AustraliaC.in at least two countriesD.in America

          11. Cough Whitlam ______.

          A.was a dameB.gave a title to EdnaC.was famous in performanceD.was Prime Minister in 1970

          12. One of her roles ______.

          A.is to interview peopleB.is to be part of the British royaltyC.is to grow GladioliD.is to be the flower seller

          13. Dame Edna ______.

          A.was married to Sean ConneryB.was a relative to Jane FondaC.knows Charlton Heston very wellD.has met famous people

          14. Why does the writer think it is funny that Dame Edna is really a man?

          A.Because men don"t usually give Gladioli.B.Because men shouldn"t dress up.C.Because Dame Edna is more famous than Barry.D.Because no one knows Barry Humphries.

          15. This story mentions college graduates at _______.

          A.San Jose State Career CenterB.San Jose Community CollegeC.San Jose State UniversityD.San Jose Polytechnic High School

          16. The main idea of this story is that ______.

          A.Ryan Stewart has not been able to find a jobB.a college career center is a crossroads between college and the real worldC.in some fields, salaries have increased in the past yearD.between 1999 and 2003, the job market changed dramatically

          17. Ryan Stewart _______.

          A.is a teacherB.found a job as soon as he graduatedC.majored in religious studiesD.is going back to school

          18. Which of the following things did not happen in the four years that the class of 2003 was in college?

          A.Dot com opportunities decreased.B.The number of teaching jobs increased.C.Still well paid job is nursing.D.The number of jobs with benefits decreased.

          19. Which of the following majors has the best job prospects, according to the story?

          A.Information systems management.B.Accounting.C.Computer science.D.Teaching.


          Part IV ClozeDirections: There are some blanks in the following passages. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. You should choose the one that best fits into the passages. Then, mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          0. 【B1】


          1. 【B2】


          2. 【B3】


          3. 【B4】


          4. 【B5】


          5. 【B6】


          6. 【B7】


          7. 【B8】


          8. 【B9】


          9. 【B10】


          10. 【B11】


          11. 【B12】


          12. 【B13】


          13. 【B14】


          14. 【B15】


          15. 【B16】


          16. 【B17】


          17. 【B18】


          18. 【B19】


          19. 【B20】


          五、5.Translation from Chinese to English

          Part V Translation from Chinese to EnglishDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate Chinese into English.

          0. 認為有朝一日電腦會取代人腦的想法是愚蠢的。

          1. 杰克是負責這項工程的合適人選。

          2. 讀好書會使我們受益匪淺。

          3. 我不認為一件商品越貴就越好。

          4. 既然我們訂出了計劃,就應該付諸實踐。

          六、6.Translation from English to Chinese

          Part VI Translation from English to ChineseDirections: This part is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese.

          0. But college has never been able to work its magic for everyone.

          1. No area could be expected to survive both as a true nature reserve and as a tourist attraction, he went on.

          2. Once you know how they are pronounced and what they stand for, you can safely use them.

          3. By defining all the tasks required, you increase the likelihood of success.

          4. Giving credit where credit is due will not only ingratiate (討……歡心) you with your helper, but it will impress the bosses into considering you for future promotion.


          Part VII Writing

          0. For this part, you are supposed to write a letter in 100-120 words based on the following situation. 假設你剛剛得到一份工作,但因某種原因不能按規定的日期到崗。寫一封信說明原因,請求推遲上崗日期。內容包括: (1)感謝對方給你這份工作; (2)說明不能按時到崗的原因; (3)請求推遲。

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